Product Development


  • Scoping&Planning

    A pre-sales team consisting of graduate students in the Department of Physics is able to provide one-to-one service for each client. In order to provide customers with the best solution. At the same time, a professional and affable team can identify the shortcomings of the drawings during the product customization process and provide recommendations. Different from the ordinary pre-sales team, our team is first of all the talents of the physics department, and has in-depth understanding of different instruments and parts. On this basis, we can not only provide satisfactory pre-sales services to customers, but also Show our professionalism!

  • Unit Fabrication

    Experienced processing masters, specializing in the processing of complex parts of various materials, processing in strict accordance with the drawings to ensure the accuracy and quality of each product. At the same time, the constant temperature production workshop provides a perfect processing environment for metal materials and blanks, which preserves the original properties, performance and longevity of the products.

  • Testing

    Aprototype is equipped with the most advanced measuring instruments and perfect measuring system to strictly control the accuracy and performance of the products. The professional physics team of engineers has been rooted in instrument development for many years, skilled in the use of measuring equipment, and timely discovering possible problems in the product and then providing solutions. For products whose accuracy is not up to standard, we strictly carry out reprocessing of products, or directly apply for scrapping, and resolutely avoid cutting corners and mixing.

    The high standards and high standards for each product and component are our beliefs that have always been strictly adhered to. We refuse to provide customers with any defective products or substandard products.

  • Delivery

    In the past few years, our company has cooperated with DHL, Fedex and China Post logistics companies to reduce the transportation cost and choose the fastest and safest delivery channel for customers. Each product is tracked in real time to prevent any lost items. Generated, the average delivery time is 7-12 working days. Moreover, our company will strictly package the products, seal the products with air column and bubble bag to ensure the integrity of the products during transportation.

  • After-Sales

    After the product is delivered, we will follow up the usage and performance of the product on time, receive the customer's response in time and provide solutions.