• Chris Cronin

     At that time our experimental group was working on the a project, we need a set outer frame. Through the introduction of the professor, it is very fortunate to meet Larry who worked as an engineer in Aprototype Inc. When Larry first came into contact with me, I was able to feel his professionalism. He and I discussed a lot of questions about our project. During the discussion, I learned a lot. Larry pointed out a lot of my insights on the project. Limitations and provide a viable solution. At the same time, Larry contacted Aprototype's production department to help us produce the experimental parts we needed, which greatly accelerated the progress of my experiment! I am very grateful for this, and I have become a very good friend with Larry! Finally, my project successfully completed the experiments required by our experimental group, and I was commended by the professor! Many thanks to Aprototype for helping me academically!

  • Justin Lichtig

    As a physics professor who teached in UNW, teaching tasks are heavy, so it is especially important for reasonable planning of time. When I complete the teaching tasks, I also need to guide the experimental group that I am responsible for to complete the corresponding Experimental task. Among the many experimental projects I conducted, the one that reminds me the most is that we are writing experiments here. The equipment has a very serious fault, causing many experimental objects to rupture, and whus fails the whole experiment. The deadling is approaching so it is impossible to replace the whole equipment. At this time, I remembered once in MPS I know the CEO of Aprototype. I contacted him urgently. He also realized that time was very limited. He immediately organized the company's physical team and production team, urgently rushed the experimental equipment accessories that we needed to replace, and then arranged personnel to assemble products in our laboratory. This really helped me a lot, and we also rushed to complete the project before the project deadline. I am very grateful to Aprototype for assisting us in such an urgent situation. After that, our laboratory has also cooperated with Aprototype for some other projects!

  • Greg Stanley

    I am an engineer and I am primarily responsible for frame establishing in our team. I have been in the institute for seven years. In the institute, I established a deep friendship with my assistant Weber. One day, I heard about departure for the institute and went to Aprototype Inc, a laboratory equipment parts customization company. I was also fortunate enough to recognize Aprototype through him. I thought that I wouldn't have any contacts with Weber  about some research projects, but some of the resources he got at Aprototype made up for some of the problems that have occurred in our research institutes: slow parts procurement and long customization cycles. Bad after-sales service. The efficiency of Aprototype can often solve the needs of our research in a very short time, which makes me very unexpected and pleasant. I and Weber have thus maintained our friendship, and I believe that our institute will have more cooperation with Aprototype!

  • Bobby Zuriff

    I am the CEO of Scralets Inc., which was founded in 2014 and is a startup company for offline and online X-ray inspection systems and industrial CT. At the beginning of the company's establishment, we designed a detection system for integrated circuit boards, but in the assembly and testing process, the critical parts we needed were delayed to deliver, which seriously delayed the progress of our project. At this time, I contacted Aprototype's processing master Steimer through our investors. I handed the drawings of the parts we needed to him. He quickly passed the Aprototype process and then made this for us. Batch the required parts. I am very satisfied with the performance of these parts. The system we developed has also been recognized by our customers. Until now, we still uses parts from Aprototype on our products.