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Being an after-sale employee of a well-reputed metal components manufacturing company, I must say that I love to do this job. Though being a time-efficient and with good management skills, I always wanted to do such an energetic task. All the qualities that after-sale employee demands which compel me to do this job includes complete understanding of both customers and company; effective self-management capability, resilience, self-motivated and committed to self-development, seeking positive feedback, good communication skills,contributes to the success of business by staying focused on own performance,sharing knowledge,expertise,and resources with others. The main purpose of my job is to provide the after-sales services which refers to various processes which make sure customers are satisfied with the products and services of the organization. The wants and demands of the
shoppers should be consummated for them to unfold a positive word of mouth. It plays an important role in customer retention and satisfaction which in turn increases the profit of the company. In dealing with customer relationship, the after-sales employee thinks from the customer’s perspective. We always prefer to anticipate and identify customer needs, and meet and exceed them by relationship building and taking responsibility for resolving customer problems. Work with customers to the highest ethical and professional standards to build long-term profitable relationships is the main key. The easiest way is to stay in contact with customers via call. Help them in the installation, maintenance, and operation of the product. Any product found broken or in a damaged condition are exchanged immediately by the after-sales employee. We have created a section on our company’s website where the customers can register their complaints. We take feedback on the products and services from the customers. The exchange policies are transparent and in favor of the customer.